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“Our college application process was going nowhere until we started working with College MatchPoint.”

MatchPoint Students Accepted :

University of Texas*(Plan II, Engineering, Business)

University of Virginia

New York University

Case Western University*

Rice University

Bates College


Trinity University*

Carleton College

Pitzer College

Georgia Tech University

Santa Clara University

UC San Diego*

Emory University

University of Georgia*

Texas A&M University*

Wesleyan University

Washington University



Elon University*

Tulane   University*

Mitchell College

Belmont University

Emory and Henry

Cal Arts

Austin College*

Hampshire College

George Washington

Baylor University*

Beloit  College

UC- Berkeley*

Goucher College*

Clark University*

University of Colorado, Boulder

Hendrix College*

Lewis and Clark*


*More than one student accepted


Recent Blog Posts

College Admissions Advice from Seniors and Their Parents

Last week I did a quick flash poll of my seniors and their parents  I wanted to get their reflections and advice  for students who were about to go through the college process. Many of them were knee deep in college applications and wrangling  the new Common Application.  (I’m sure you all have read about […]

University of San Diego

I had the great pleasure of touring the University of San Diego today.  The campus is stunningly beautiful. This mid sized campus has quite a bit to offer students interested in pre professional or liberal arts.  The classes are small with an average of 18.  San Diego is a wonderful city for internships.  This allows […]

Common Application Woes-

This is an excellent article on the problems with the new Common Application.  This is one more reason to plan ahead when working on college applications.   http://www.nytimes.com/2013/10/13/education/online-application-woes-make-students-anxious-and-put-colleges-behind-schedule.html

College Majors: Whose Decision Is It?

I was reading a wonderful blog post today at The College Solution. Lynn was discussing the rush of students wanting to major in Engineering ( a very good field for the right student). She mentioned in many cases it is actually the parents who are wanting the student to major in Engineering. I have found […]

Introduction to College MatchPoint

This video will give you an introduction to College MatchPoint and the services we offer to clients nationwide.

Are there activities/organizations that impress highly selective colleges?

There are a great number of “urban myths” about this subject. The truth is the best activities/organizations are the ones that you are truly passionate about. If you love sculpture then that is the best activity for you. I would say the more important issue is how much initiative you take to deeply pursue the […]

How To Access College Disability Services

Is the disability support services provided in college the same as those in high school? No! Many students and parents are confused about this issue. Disability Support Services in college are different from high school. Colleges do not use IEP’s or 504′s. Don’t let this discourage you. I find many of my students get great […]

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